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Posted on 03/21/06 at 09:39:22 pm by Patricia

I think the American mik win because they are good soilder in Iraq that want to get it over with the war because they want to go home to there family to.I think about the war in Iraq is not right becuse it just kill good peolpe or soilder in Iraq and give bad way for little child. Yes I have a couse sister there I hope she come back.I think the American people went to war in Iraq because they need to stop the mad people.

Borned poor.

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:22:58 pm by Luis

I think that being born poor isn't something bad or something to be ashamed of , but staying poor is not very good , because if you don't want to stay poor you don't have to , because you can go to school and have a good education , that can help you get a good job and get out of poor.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:16:29 pm by Alejandro

Ireally do not have a favorite spoit. I play soccer sometimes.
I like to ride horses. I like riding horses because they are fast.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:11:45 pm by Sal

The best move I like is colors
because its about street life
and they have war which each
other all the time and den the cops come
and get them to go to gail

Being Poor

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:07:53 pm by Chelsea

I disagree because it would damage your life and your house. If you stay poor then you will have no wife/husband or childen, food, house, money, or a job. If you don't go to school then more you stay out of school then you won't get money. When you are trying to get spare change then all your ganna get is 1 cent. To get rich then you have tto go to school.

If i was poor

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:06:18 pm by Anastasia

If i was poor i would try to get a better agetsjob and help my family get rich. or i mite just geteven more poor and just be laziedsaqnd more lazie. or i mite get a job and just lay around and just get money


IF i was poor whin i was a litty girly i was so darty and never went to school
or even get to any one bacuse of that i stink relly bad no one like me so that why i had no frends thay all hate me becust i stunk relly relly relly relly relly relly relly


Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:05:58 pm by Alejandro

My favorite movie is BLEID TERNETY I laike it becas it has action and deth's in the movie they cill vanpiers
it is fany too.

America will win

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:04:59 pm by Chasity

I think America will win the war in 2008 or 2007.
I would feel sad if someone in my family or my Friend went to Iraq and got hert.
One person in my family went to Iraq, but she made it back she was not hert or any thing.
She was there for 3 years but she wrote to us.
We were happy to hear from her and then again we were kind of scared.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:55:27 am by Adrian

war is not that bad,well except all the money we spend,and all that money we spend could be use to help native american people.all the people who die thats the greaties loss of all,but we have to fight for our rights.but it really hasto be done,so its good and bad.

White Man

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:49:31 am by Tyler

I think white people have more power then an anybody because their richer than every races in the U.S.A
also I think that their going to be more white man to be president than other races.

Can You Live On $2 dollars a Day?

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:46:03 am by Shanna

I think that it's not fair because people get paid $2 a day. Most People can't live on two dollar's a day. There life would be very horrible because They wouldn't buy anything during the day because they would have to use the money to eat.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:22:36 am by Xavier

When you go to college,and you get two college degree,and you will make a lot of money.If you have a good education you will not struggle in the real world.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:20:19 am by Karla

The war is not good . Why do we even have wars? we shoud have no wars.

collage for a good jods and life

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:17:13 am by Ryan

going to collage is cool for some kids and stay in collage as long you like but i think the longs is 12 year and would have a good job and a good life.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:15:16 am by Leandrea

I think the war in Iraq is really sad because people are fighting for our country. And we wouldn't have gone to war if it wasn't for George Bush. I don't like George Bush . It's sad to because the soliders don't get to come home until all of there job is done. Because they don't get to spent time with there family.

The Beach

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:14:15 am by Alejandra

If I go to anywhere in the world I will go to the beach because I love go to the beach it a lot of fun you can swim in the water and walk in all the beach.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:09:25 am by Kendra

The war in Iraq, is terrible. Bush is sending more troops over there for nothing. He is making us pay more money. He making up lies. That why my parents don't true him.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:09:13 am by Karla

racism is not good. Because people judge other people by there color. but not what is in side.Because you never know how fun they are. Not unless you gaves it a try.

Acapulco Mexico......

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:08:40 am by Ericka

If I go to an please in the word I want to go Acapulco Mexico
because there is a beach and the food ....lobster

America and me

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:08:21 am by Ryan

Iraq is small and what Derrick said I would go and see how they are doing and Derrick and I would do some thing about but i would just sit and shoot what comes my way that is shooting at me and blow up thing with a tank and go wild with it.

education +money

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:05:09 am by Luis

If you go to collage you can get
some more money .When you
are in collage you earn more
money.It depends how long you stay
in collage.

September 11

Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:04:51 am by Venia

i think it won't happen here because i think they just hit the big cities.

War In Iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:59:52 am by Venia

War in Iraq is stupied because it is

spring break

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:57:01 am by Luis

On spring break you can go any where you want
Like you can go to any place you want.

war in iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:22:55 am by Daniel

The war started because of Saddam Huessein. He hert alat of inosent people.He killed people just for fun .He didin't care obout onyone. Thats wath got the president of the USA mad. So the war started. If someone of my members had to go to war.I would fill bad because they migth kill him.

War Because of Saddam

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:19:19 am by Nolan

I think that the war on Iraq will be over at the end of 2007. How I would feel if one of my family member have to go over there. I would say come on there more boys, men ,and people out there and why my family. Send the prisinors there let see how tough they are in Iraq. Since they like to rape people and crime seen.

War On Terrorism

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:17:30 am by Rylie

The war with iraq started with Saddam Huessein. He killed all of our troops that went to the war,and fighting for the United State Of America. If you had a family member fighting in the war you would be praying for him or her everyday. The war would stop if the iraq's would stop shuting up militery base.THen the war would stop by now or tommarrow.

The war in Iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:14:44 am by Michelle

I think the war would hurt other people because,if you had a family member that went to war it would be sad because people wouldn't see that person on special stuff . The family would only talk to that person by lettes.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:13:38 am by Kavin

I thick the war is get progest but a lot of people have died I in the war. It will proble end in 2007.
They should bomb Iraq or take all the people that didn't do out and shot big bom to blow up the
Iraq.If one of my uncle went to the war that would stink!!!

The War of Iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:08:41 am by Cody

The war in Iraq is really bad because alot of childeren die from bom, and guns, then
their mom and dad die by the same thing every day. If one of my family members go
to war it will be every hard because their parents will being crying and they will think
because their good times since childhood. I think the war is going to be over till two
three years because what Saddum did in September 11, 2001.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:08:14 am by Darren

Thats sad I think that 30,000 innocent people died couse of the war. I think the war will never be over couse thay bult gun's that's way I think the war will never be over. If one of my family member's wen't to the war I would cinda sad for my other family member.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:08:02 am by Raetisha

I think the war is mistup.Why do we have to kill innisent people who may or may not of done nothing except try to kill us to.I'm not sure if we might even win.Why do we have the war in the first place.
If one of my family members went to war I hope they come back a live.I'm not sure when the world will end.How do know if it will never end.

The War

Posted on 03/17/06 at 09:05:00 am by Daniel

I think that the war is stupid. I would go bom them and finsh them with a nucliar bom. I think the war might end in 1 or 2 years. If 1 of my family memder went to war that would be sad.

September 11

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:39:16 am by Davina

On September 11 I felt sad becuase my uncle was over there. He was right under there. he said he was mad becuase the people were mad at us he said i don't know why they were mad at us.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:38:58 am by Stevonna

Saddam Hussein is the general of Iraq. He got carried away when he was kind of like a pesident of Iraq. He killed a lot of his own peopleand killed our people in New York City. Saddam killed people in the Twin Towers. He was jelous that we had freedom in United States and he had barly any freedom where he was, so we went to war with the Iraqi people. I had feelings for the people in Iraq and in the Twin Towers. I was mad that Saddam Husein killed our people in New York. THANKS ALOT SADDAM HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terrorist gone wild

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:37:40 am by Johnny

I remember the day it happen. I was at school that day and saw on the news that night and on the news paper the next day, it showed the twin towers on the front page when my mom was reading it. I felt kind of scard and starting to freak out.

The war of Iraq

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:35:41 am by Monique

What im thinking is that america went to Iraq to fight for our freedom.Another thing is that when I think about the war.Is that the poeple how go to the Iraq war and they don't come back.That's jut sad.Yup.If one of my family members went to war it would be scary and sad if they never came back.Yup.

September 11, 2002

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:31:52 am by Shadana

When I first herd about I saw it in the news and news paper than I was sorry what happend to all the people that made it or didn't make it.And we were talking about it in school.And when the date pass like 6 mouths ago they were showing it on the news.So that what I herd.Yup.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:27:53 am by Davina

After i finish high school I'm going to go to collage and get my degree. If you don't get a degree you will not get a good job or i should say a high paying job. After i finish collage i'm going to get a good job like i wan't to be a doctor me and my other friend. We wan't to be a doctor. So we can be together when get their. So that we wont be loners. Thats all for now.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:25:55 am by Yesenia

To me collage is important because I want to have a good job.I want to work doing something you get paid good.If you don't go to collage to get a good education you're going to end up working in a restaurant washing dishes or even worth.That's why it's important to go to collage.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:25:44 am by Gio

I thinkthat we are at war with Iraq because what had happend at 9-11-02.I dont think that the war is ganna stop because Bush is ganna want more people to go to war.If I would have lost a family member I would have been really sad and will never forget what had happened to the person I lost.

Sept 11, 2001

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:09:15 am by Alfonso

I don't remeber any thing about September 11 because I was in school. the next day everybody was talking about it.When September 11 happened that was all that was on t.v.


Posted on 03/14/06 at 05:35:36 pm by Tyffany

we when to war because of 9/11 and we need oil becuse they have allot.they have lakes of it .i wouldnt wont anyone in my family to go to war with Iraq.But when you are like 19 and a guy the goverment might put you in a war one day if you don't then you will go to jall or if your that scared you might as well move to canada but you can't come back to the United State's that what mr.b said to the boy's in my class because we where talking about the war with Iraq and why we are .


Posted on 03/14/06 at 05:21:37 pm by Tyffany

racism is a big problem in the united state's .I think that's messed up when people make fun people becuse of there color.we are sometimes the same because we do have fun and have friend's .I dont think there is anyone in the school who is racist because if they where then they would probably be some where else but not at hermosa because there is allot of half navajo,mexican,or black in the school.

september 11 2001

Posted on 03/14/06 at 04:39:02 pm by Tyffany

I remember when that happened that was so sad because allot of people died that day. i dont think they will attack us because of what Kendra said about farmington is to small.It not that notice able.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:18:26 pm by Yesenia

I think that America went to the war with Iraq because they wanted to fight for our lives.If one of my family members went to the war I would be proud of him or her because they would like to do something for us.Also at the same time I would feel sad becase they could die or it could happen something bad to them.So that's why I think that.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:18:19 pm by Alfonso

I think that war is not a good idea because alot of men and women have died for something they should'nt have died for.Another reason why I dont like the war is that our familys taxs go to guns and ammunition.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:13:47 pm by Johnny

It stinks having a family member going to war cause you think about them all the time when you did something with them and wondering what there doing, where there at and how there feeling. that is one thing that stinks.
the second thing that stinks about a family member going to war is remembering them when you do there favorite thing.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:07:39 pm by Elizabeth

I think it is sad that the people in Iraq died.If someone from my family went to war in Iraq I will start to cry because when he gets over there they could kill him.I think that the people that are in the war went to Iraq for they could get it over with it.

The war in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:05:49 pm by Davina

I think Amarica wen't to war with Iraq because they are tring to get back what they stole.Our friends and family like they took my Uncle JR but he came back safe so we are all happy now. so if any of you who have someone that you love in Iraq leave me a comment. My brother says he wan't to join the army too but
i'm trying to tell him don't do it. but anyway the Iraqins are just jellous that we are more populor then them so thats all I have to say.

War with Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:02:42 pm by Eduardo

I thing when America went to war with Iraq they got lot of thing to get that land
because they trite the people like slaves.
I thing about war is to getb a good land or money and food but what is going to
happen to the people of that place.
I would feel like sad because he or she is my family member and every body is going to mist
him and do war with people and weaponds.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:01:53 pm by Patricia

I think America went to war with Iraq because the iraq people were doing bad things to other people,like they are killing each other.What I think about war is that the people that go are very very brave for what they are doing.An they may get heart but they may learn about how much it takes to what the people think and fell about them.If a family member went to war I would be very very scared for that person an I would wach T.V every day to make sure they are ok an that very thing is ok.So it is scary to go to war.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:51:04 pm by Shadana

I think america went 2 fight 4 our lives and freedom.When I think bout war I think bout people when there family had 2 go and mybe or mybe not came back 2 c there family.If 1 of my family members went I would miss them til they came back.And if they didn't came back I would feel very sad.Yup.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:29:29 pm by Luis

I think that America went to war because in Iraq there's alot of oil , and Iraq doesn't want to share the oil with us.

The Wor

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:17:03 pm by Alejandro

becas Iroq started to ckioll ouor people and so we dicided to go and fiet
but all we did is that we were jest dooing what they were dooing so it
docent macke eny diferenc we shuld get alang with eshe other.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:16:12 pm by Chasem

Why do I think we went to war? Because they won`t share any of their oil. Also when they crashed into the Thiwn Tower`s. And I also really don`t like the idea of going to war. Why, becsuse I really don`t want to walk over dead bodies and bening shot at by people you don`t even know. And if one of my famile member`s wore going I would wish him good luck and tell him see you when you get back. I also wounder how would all the soliders family`s feel if their not going to make. I know how I would feel if one my family member`s were not going to make it.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:11:00 pm by Sal

I do not now about That war.
I never had a family member had to go to war
befor. I would fill really happy my Dad and Mom
whent to war because i would like them to stand
up for AMERICA

War in Iraq!

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:01:33 pm by Chelsea

I think why we went to war with Iraq is oil. Iraq had a lot of oil, but they don't want to share the oil. Even they don't have that much cars. What I feel about the war is terrible because it has to do with killing a alot of people that are trying to kill you. My uncle went to war it sad for him to leave all the way into Iraq. I hope that he is ok.
2,297-Soliders that Iraq killed our men.
30,000- Iraqs men died.Even CHILDREN!!!

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 12:15:16 pm by Divanna

I really don't know why the America went to war with then Iraq. About the Iraq war I think it is wrong because the Americans are dying because of them. We are giving up people we love just to keep the Iraq war from coming to America or coming to United States. I'm really not so sure if we are going to win against the Iraq people or the people that is on the side with the Iraq.I really hope the Americas is going to win.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 12:09:12 pm by Rudolfo

The war started because of a terrorist attack in 9/11 .Which i think united states should have just found who it was and not go to war with Iraq.Plus there killing innocent people that have nothing to about the war.

War In Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 12:03:51 pm by Shanna

I think the United States went to war with Iraq because they hit the twin towers. Also because they had killed alot of innocent people who were in side the towers when they where hit by it. I don't think that much of war in Iraq. If I had a family at war I would feel sad because they might not come back from war. Also because they will be gone for aleast a year and you wouldn't see them.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 12:03:14 pm by mick

1.I think amaricans went to war becaus sudam was planing an attack on United States.
2.I think war is a little bit cool becaus you get to fight.
3.If a family member went to war I would be sad becaus he/she might not come back or they might die.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:57:34 am by Tyler

I think american went to war with Iraq because of the terrorist attack,I think of the war of it being sad because little kids are dieing and also family members are being killed and if one of my family went to war
I would been shock because he or she would get killed at Iraq because they are crazy to killed anybody
that came from american or trying to shoot them and also I don't want nobody in my family to go to


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:56:42 am by Javier

I think the war in Iraq shouldn't be hapening because a lot of people are dieing on Iraq. i think the war should end now before more inocent people die. I think Bush should stop the war because I think he would't like it if his family was fighting in Iraq. I dont now why is he is wasting more money on the war in stead of hlping the people from New Orleans get a home. I would't like nobody on my family to die on the war.

The War with Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:54:33 am by Chantel

I think that the reason America went to war with Iraq is because of 9/11/01. What my opinion of the war with Iraq is that all the money we are spending on war and sending people. We could have rebuilt the lost of 9/11/01. If one of my family members had to go to war I would be very sad. Because knowing the fact that I maybe wouldn't see them again or even hear from them ever. An finding out that they have died on the news.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:49:44 am by Ashlee

i think there shouldn't be war, but then they had destroyed the two tours. i think that america went to war with iraq because of the twin tours and fight to keep us safe.i don't really like war . two of my family members already went to war . they were gone for a whole year, they had told me that he didn't really like how it was out there, but i am really proud that he still wanted to fight for us.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:22:45 am by Derrick

Yeah i would,and Ryan is going with me to Iraq

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:22:05 am by Xavier

The reason America went to war with Iraq is because,of 9/11 when the plans crash in to the Tiwn towers.The war in Iraq is stell going on,and the war is 4 years long and is stell going on.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:20:17 am by Venia

the reason you should go to collage is because if you don't go to collage then you won't get a high paying job. I want to go to collage because i will get a high paying job ,so i don't have to work at a fast food restrant.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:16:48 am by Ryan

I like sports but not like that and football is fun because it a fast sport and you get to hit people and that where the fun begin and when you are at a game you can test your skill and how you hit the other team and that fun. other sports are cool and i try some of them and its not like football but other then that its cool.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 11:08:22 am by Enrique

The war in Iraq is really dumb. Americas going to win no dought

War On Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:33:06 am by Nolan

We had to have war on Iraq because they hit every tall biggest building with people in it. And I think they did that because they don't have any freedom. If one of my family member had togo I wouldn't feel com

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:33:04 am by eklah

America went to war because Bush wanted oil and wants to be remember as the person who brought dependents to Iraq.I think the war is stupid because we are fighting for something we don't need that much. YES I think we will win the war. I think the Iraq war is crazy because innocent people

The War

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:31:22 am by Kimberly

If a family member I went I would be sad ,
because it my family member.Just like
my uncle Philbert Dale.
But he came back last year .I think
America went to Iraq ,because so
we can have freedom in the USA.
I hope we USA win again so we
can have freedom.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:31:00 am by Steph

I don't why the war begann Iraq, I think the war is DUMB,I do not know when the war will end but I can take a guess(it willl end in 2007) that's my GUESS!!!

september 11th,2001

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:26:49 am by Charlene

This date is so important to the United States ,because when the terrorist atack the twin towers.
The people cry because some of theirs familiars died.I were suprise when I saw all the people blooding.All the people were runing from one side to another.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:25:20 am by Gerrial

I think the war in Iraq is about a bomb that sadam had.That is why the war in Iraq had started in the first place.The war in Iraq will probably be over in the year 2007.I have a brother who is in Iraq he is a gun fighter or a tanker.

World War

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:22:51 am by Jessica

I think that the Americans will win in another 3 years hopefully!I think that America went to Iraq because they can help the Iraq to save our county. I think that the war is what we want for our country.We want the best for America.If any of my family members had to go to war I would be really sad and I would't be the same!!

september 11

Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:12:17 am by Jessica

I was in my aunt house and we talking about September11.
And me and my cusin we was doing preparationes for chirismas and we di a slip over.
And in the mornig we go to Walmart and my litle cusin was cri because we di no by somthig .

September 11,2001

Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:08:50 am by Raetisha

On September 11,2001 a plane crashed into the two tawors and crashed many people died.Don't think terrisom will attack farmtngton.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:07:42 am by Daniel

I feel like going get him and puting him in a electric chair. When I was at Mexico it happen. The sadest part was when all most all the people in the building died. Are they ever going to do them again? I don't think that the terrorist will attack Farmington.

september 11th,2001

Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:06:15 am by Charlene

When September 11th happened in New York it was all over the news.It was such a disaster and was very sad from the lost of people.They were called the World Trade Centers or the Twin Towers.Some people say thay it will never be forgotten so I guess that is a good thing.But I really don't remember when it happened it makes me feel kind of sad.I don't think terrorist will attack Farmington,New Mexico.

September 11, 2001

Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:03:05 am by Alex

In September 11, 2001. When the terriost attack theTwo World Trade Center.I was in the Farmington N,M at my house when we got the news that the Two World Trade Center and it was all over the news.By the time the day was over all that was left over of the Two World Trade Center was just chunch of the building.The way I felt was that I was angery that they knot down the Two World Trade Center.

Schools 6th And 7th Grade

Posted on 03/03/06 at 09:00:03 am by Darren

I dont like the lunch that they serve her it tastes nasty. The only thing is in pe is dodgeball. whate I'am looking forin 7th grade. The one thing Iwhate in 7th grade is better teachers. And better lunch. The only good partin 7th grade is I get to play sports like Basketball and Football.

Semtember 11

Posted on 03/03/06 at 08:51:23 am by David

I was in Mexico when September 11.
They didn't say about September 11.

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