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Illeagal Immagration

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:30:48 am by Rylie

The illegal aliean are entering the united state illegally. The goverment dosent like immaagratoin that why taxes went up. The goverment are getting all the illegal alien, and they are going to take them back to Mexico.

Why would imigrants come to America?

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:29:38 am by sdelgado

We the imigrants come to America to work. We came to America because in Mexico is not a lot of work, we think that we have a best future in America.I know that some immigrants do bad to the country and they do illegal things but we all are different. And I want to thanks America for the work that they brings to my parents and my education.

Assignment 8

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:27:51 am by Sam

I think illegal immigration is kind of a problem because us Americans need to protect our selves. I think Illegal immigrants want to come to America because here theres better jobs. I feel that illegal immigrants help America and our economy because they do jobs some Americas don't want to do. I think only the bad immigrant should be deported, like it is now and the ones who want a better life should stay and have a better life.

should immigrants be deported?

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:26:26 am by Karla

I think that the illegal people,don't has to be deported because the Mexican people,Navajo or other kind of civililization is who they make American grow because this people who is working a restaurans,companies, and a differents kinds of work and I don't see why the Americans don't wan't that the Mexican people come to United States of America because whit out the immigrants America don't be what it is.And this is my oppinion because I 'am an immigrant like some other kind of civilization and those people is not a criminal. is the people who's like to work. The Mexican people is not a bad people.

why would imigrant come to america????????

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:25:30 am by Alejandra

We the imigrant came to the America because the people who live in here they're not doing any bad. And we are who make the work for them. And this is my opinion because I'm imigrant and MEXICAN.

Illigal Imigration

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:24:15 am by Jessica

Illigal immagration is a problem.I think it is because us Americans need to protect ourself we might get shot at for no reason and the person who might shoot at us might be an immargrant.They might do something stupid just because they can't get in America!! They would want to come to America because they don't have what we have where they live.We can almost do anything we want to do.America is really fun and I'm proud to be an American!! It is wrong for someone to enter America illegally,because they have no right to be here.I think that immigrants help and also hurt our Country.They might be our friends or family but they should wait until another 15-20years.So they won't have to sneek into America.The people that have been here for raising their families and live work in America for a long time should go back to where they belong!Or get arrested.I do feel that the color of their skin is unfair.White is opposite of brown that's probley why they thinks illigal. Thats what I think of the Illigal Immagration!!

Illegal immigration

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:23:42 am by Nolan

I think illegal immigration should go back were they came from. Because your messing up our living and giving a hard time with teachers and students. We don't even know why we should just ship them back in a bus because they mist up our towns by throwing rocks in building holding there state flag thinking it's there country. There languge is so disturbing.And yes,they should go back and lock the key between Canada and Mexico and throw the key away.there just making USA miserble and tired of it.


Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:22:33 am by Kimberly

YES!!!! It is wrong for other people out of America that can't come because some can hurt others from America.Me I don't rally trust other people not even my own friends. It takes me about two to three months.So yes I think it's very wrong to have other people to be allowed to America.

illegal immigrants

Posted on 04/28/06 at 10:22:07 am by Shayne

No, illegal immigrants are not a problem. ILLegal immigrants want to come to America because they want to make money. I think that illegal immigrants kind of help America and some don't help. The millions of illegal immigrants should be eligible for amnesty and be a US citizen. I do think that Hispanic are unfair targets because of there skin color. No, America wouldn't be having a problem with illegal immigrants.


Posted on 01/13/06 at 07:26:43 am by manderson

Illegal immigration has been made a hot button issue in our country lately. What are your views on illegal immigration? Is illegal immigration a problem? Why or why not?

Why would illegal immigrants want to come to America? Is it wrong for someone to enter America illegally so they can pursue a better life and help their families?

Do you feel illegal immigrants help or hurt America and our economy? Provide examples.

An estimated 10-20 million illegal immigrants already live, work and raise families in America. What should happen to these people? Should these people be deported? Or, should these people be eligible for amnesty and eventual US citizenship?

Lastly, do you feel that this illegal immigration debate unfairly targets the Hispanic population because of the color of their skin? Would America be having a debate over illegal immigration if the majority of illegal immigrants were white as opposed to brown?

- Mrs. Anderson

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