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America will win

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:04:59 pm by Chasity

I think America will win the war in 2008 or 2007.
I would feel sad if someone in my family or my Friend went to Iraq and got hert.
One person in my family went to Iraq, but she made it back she was not hert or any thing.
She was there for 3 years but she wrote to us.
We were happy to hear from her and then again we were kind of scared.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:29:29 pm by Luis

I think that America went to war because in Iraq there's alot of oil , and Iraq doesn't want to share the oil with us.

The Wor

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:17:03 pm by Alejandro

becas Iroq started to ckioll ouor people and so we dicided to go and fiet
but all we did is that we were jest dooing what they were dooing so it
docent macke eny diferenc we shuld get alang with eshe other.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:16:12 pm by Chasem

Why do I think we went to war? Because they won`t share any of their oil. Also when they crashed into the Thiwn Tower`s. And I also really don`t like the idea of going to war. Why, becsuse I really don`t want to walk over dead bodies and bening shot at by people you don`t even know. And if one of my famile member`s wore going I would wish him good luck and tell him see you when you get back. I also wounder how would all the soliders family`s feel if their not going to make. I know how I would feel if one my family member`s were not going to make it.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:11:00 pm by Sal

I do not now about That war.
I never had a family member had to go to war
befor. I would fill really happy my Dad and Mom
whent to war because i would like them to stand
up for AMERICA

War in Iraq!

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:01:33 pm by Chelsea

I think why we went to war with Iraq is oil. Iraq had a lot of oil, but they don't want to share the oil. Even they don't have that much cars. What I feel about the war is terrible because it has to do with killing a alot of people that are trying to kill you. My uncle went to war it sad for him to leave all the way into Iraq. I hope that he is ok.
2,297-Soliders that Iraq killed our men.
30,000- Iraqs men died.Even CHILDREN!!!


Posted on 01/02/06 at 09:04:31 pm by manderson

Hi 6th Hour,

The war in Iraq began almost 3 years ago. At the end of February 2,297 American soldiers had died in Iraq and the war had killed an estimated 30,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. A lot of people have lost their lives.

Why do you think America went to war with Iraq? What do you think about the Iraq war? When will America win this war?

What do you think about war in general? How would you feel if a family member had to go to war?

- Mrs. Anderson

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