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war in iraq

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:22:55 am by Daniel

The war started because of Saddam Huessein. He hert alat of inosent people.He killed people just for fun .He didin't care obout onyone. Thats wath got the president of the USA mad. So the war started. If someone of my members had to go to war.I would fill bad because they migth kill him.

War Because of Saddam

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:19:19 am by Nolan

I think that the war on Iraq will be over at the end of 2007. How I would feel if one of my family member have to go over there. I would say come on there more boys, men ,and people out there and why my family. Send the prisinors there let see how tough they are in Iraq. Since they like to rape people and crime seen.

War On Terrorism

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:17:30 am by Rylie

The war with iraq started with Saddam Huessein. He killed all of our troops that went to the war,and fighting for the United State Of America. If you had a family member fighting in the war you would be praying for him or her everyday. The war would stop if the iraq's would stop shuting up militery base.THen the war would stop by now or tommarrow.

War On Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:33:06 am by Nolan

We had to have war on Iraq because they hit every tall biggest building with people in it. And I think they did that because they don't have any freedom. If one of my family member had togo I wouldn't feel com

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:33:04 am by eklah

America went to war because Bush wanted oil and wants to be remember as the person who brought dependents to Iraq.I think the war is stupid because we are fighting for something we don't need that much. YES I think we will win the war. I think the Iraq war is crazy because innocent people

The War

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:31:22 am by Kimberly

If a family member I went I would be sad ,
because it my family member.Just like
my uncle Philbert Dale.
But he came back last year .I think
America went to Iraq ,because so
we can have freedom in the USA.
I hope we USA win again so we
can have freedom.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:31:00 am by Steph

I don't why the war begann Iraq, I think the war is DUMB,I do not know when the war will end but I can take a guess(it willl end in 2007) that's my GUESS!!!

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:25:20 am by Gerrial

I think the war in Iraq is about a bomb that sadam had.That is why the war in Iraq had started in the first place.The war in Iraq will probably be over in the year 2007.I have a brother who is in Iraq he is a gun fighter or a tanker.

World War

Posted on 03/03/06 at 10:22:51 am by Jessica

I think that the Americans will win in another 3 years hopefully!I think that America went to Iraq because they can help the Iraq to save our county. I think that the war is what we want for our country.We want the best for America.If any of my family members had to go to war I would be really sad and I would't be the same!!


Posted on 01/02/06 at 09:01:16 pm by manderson

Hi 2nd Hour,

The war in Iraq began almost 3 years ago. At the end of February 2,297 American soldiers had died in Iraq and the war had killed an estimated 30,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. A lot of people have lost their lives.

Why do you think America went to war with Iraq? What do you think about the Iraq war? When will America win this war?

What do you think about war in general? How would you feel if a family member had to go to war?

- Mrs. Anderson

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