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Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:27:53 am by Davina

After i finish high school I'm going to go to collage and get my degree. If you don't get a degree you will not get a good job or i should say a high paying job. After i finish collage i'm going to get a good job like i wan't to be a doctor me and my other friend. We wan't to be a doctor. So we can be together when get their. So that we wont be loners. Thats all for now.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:25:55 am by Yesenia

To me collage is important because I want to have a good job.I want to work doing something you get paid good.If you don't go to collage to get a good education you're going to end up working in a restaurant washing dishes or even worth.That's why it's important to go to collage.

My favorite sports

Posted on 02/24/06 at 03:15:33 pm by Gio

My favorite sportss are baseball basketball.I like baseball because I like going to the out field and catching the balls and when Iam batting I like sliding I think its fun.The reason I like basketball is because I like runing alot and like shooting around .

What I Would Change About School

Posted on 02/24/06 at 02:54:04 pm by Yesenia

Things that I would change about school is the time they give us to go to our loker.They only gives us four minutes to go.They should give us at least seven or eight minutes.If we had more minutes we would not be tardy to our that's what I would change about our school.

My favorite sports

Posted on 02/10/06 at 03:04:27 pm by Yesenia

My favorite sport is baseball.I like baseball because I think it's fun.When I play baseball I like to play with my friends.I like to l play with my friends because they are fun to play with.I also like baseball because like that you play and do execise at the same time.That's why I like baseball.


Posted on 02/03/06 at 03:52:22 pm by Eduardo

If i change school ill'l make each hour 15 minutes and for recess
Ill'l put 1 hour and lunch 30 min. Go to school 5 day's and 5 day's to be in
home and each children win a price and get eveting FREE.

Hustle & Flow

Posted on 01/25/06 at 04:13:06 pm by Johnny

I like the movie Hustle & Flow, cause it is about a rapper name Djay. He got thrown in the joint for beating up another rapper.At th end he is still in the joint.

Basketball is the best.

Posted on 01/25/06 at 04:11:36 pm by Patricia

Basketball is great becouse if you play you can use a lot of musals and energe.But you can be very halthy and do a lot of things like football,baseball.Basket ball is popular becouse people like the players becouse they are good.I don't realy have a favorit team becouse i like them all.But if I had to pick a player I would probale pick Shack O'Neil.But like I said don't have a favorit team.

My Faborite Movie

Posted on 01/25/06 at 04:08:03 pm by Eduardo

My favorite movie is ''The Day After Tomorrow'' becauce it was rain alot and then snow
and it was very cold ,and then the sun of the wheater man go to rescue his son because
he win is Science.

football teams

Posted on 01/25/06 at 04:04:02 pm by Elizabeth

my favorite football team is the raiders.I like the raiders because they are a good team.What is your favorite football team.Why do you like them.

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