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Mexican immigration

Posted on 04/28/06 at 02:27:45 pm by Alejandro

1ilgal immigration are not fer for the people.
2no becausethe people in mexico people are pore.
3 the iligal immigrants are rili gud on the jobs from america.

What I think

Posted on 04/28/06 at 02:12:23 pm by Chasity

I Think illegal immigration is kind of a problem, because they might steal and might be a bad theif.Illegal immigrants might want to see how america looks and see if it is better than where there from. I don't think it is illegal to have immigrants come over to America.I think some immigrants hurt people but not all. I think they should be left alone unless they are REALLY, REALLY BAD.No Ithink it is mean to juge people about their color.


Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:11:45 pm by Sal

The best move I like is colors
because its about street life
and they have war which each
other all the time and den the cops come
and get them to go to gail


Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:05:58 pm by Alejandro

My favorite movie is BLEID TERNETY I laike it becas it has action and deth's in the movie they cill vanpiers
it is fany too.

Fantastic Four

Posted on 01/25/06 at 03:27:59 pm by David

I think that the Fantastic Four is a good movie , because it shows alot about science , and you can learn alot about it , like when Mr.Fantastic tells Doctor Doom what happens to metal at high temperatures.

My Favorite Movies

Posted on 01/25/06 at 03:23:11 pm by Calambria

My favrite movie is "Sister of the Travleing pants". I like this movie becouse, it talk about four friends and they go there own way for the summer. One of the friends neme is Carmen, she wint to South Caralina.Her mom and dad got devorist when she was nine years-old.When she was seventeen years-old, she wint to see her dad in South Caralinea for the summer. But she seen his girlfriend and she was surpise that they were gitting married in Ausgist. One day his grilfriend take her to git dress. The lady that makes the dress would not say her name right. She got mad and ranway for the day. When she got back, she thought they were looking for her. But she heared them talking. Then seen them in the window, and she bust the window.Then she wint to the trian station and she wint home. After a wild she wint to his wedding,becuase her fiends made her go.

Extra Credit- I think violence isn't cool. Becuase it can kill poeple.

mean girls

Posted on 01/25/06 at 03:15:53 pm by Alejandra

Becuse it show not to be mean to others and dont get back at pepole for the old day .
JUST try to get along with every one in your school and then you whout get in trouble. trust me on that one.I like this move becuse it shows how to get along with oter prpole and to not get back at pepole.and it is very hard to understasnd win u bearly see it it's very good for pepole.

yes becuse its not very good for kids to see that stuff .becused then they in up to try doig that kind of stuff . music yes becuse kids start doing drugs and sart saing they are in ssl and west and east thas all stuped.

My Favorite Moive is Hoodwinked

Posted on 01/25/06 at 03:14:05 pm by Chelsea

My favorite movie is Hoodwinked, because it is a funny movie. The most that I admire is Red. Why do do you like Red? I like Red because she could fight the wolf, and she is smarter than the wolf too.Do you have a second most caritor? Yes I do, And it is the sqrell, becase he is funny and he talks very fast. Even when you give him coffe then you would be in trouble, he would get very hipper. What do you like on Hoodwinked?

Yes, I do think violence in movies are bad for people, because it makes little kids doing violence like that.


Posted on 01/22/06 at 08:17:20 pm by manderson

Hi 6th Hour,

This is our first blog. For our first assignment please write at least 5 sentences in response to the following questions.

What are your favorite movies and why? Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

Extra Credit: Do you think violence in movies and music influence people your age? Answer in at least 5 sentences.

- Mrs. Anderson


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