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Hip Hop

Posted on 02/24/06 at 12:07:42 pm by Tyler

I think the define of Hip Hop is music and ryhming, My favorite music are 50cent,
G unit,aftermath, and natedogg because they can sing better then chris brown,and
murder inc. I like hiphop because they have good ryhming words.

hip hop and rap

Posted on 02/24/06 at 11:54:22 am by Ashlee

to me hip hop sound a little of same like the words , but the beat is defferent. they rap about the same thing , like why did they do something bad or other things like that. i sometimes listen to both, but mostly rap.

hip-hop jams

Posted on 02/10/06 at 01:03:35 pm by Warren

My favorite hip-hop singer would be or I don't have favorite hip-hop singer i have an favorite rap singer his name is 69 boys.they are the best.The reson i like the 69 boys is becouse they are very clear with there words and they wouldn't take anything from anyone.

music and violence

Posted on 02/03/06 at 01:07:40 pm by Adrian

i dont like rap or hip-hop,i think there both stupid.they do have somthin to do with violence,well thats what a lot of people want to here these days.they want to here some violence in there songs.thats fine with me but i will never listen to that crap,i like slipknot,korn,all kind of heavy metal bands thats what i listen to.every now and then i like to listen to the Insane Clown Posse,A.B.K ANYBODY KILLA,also Twiztid,thats what i listen to,not that soft touchie feelings stuff.thats not me,i will never listen to that as long as i live.almost all music embraces violence,thats what people want to here,the music will have an effect on kids my age but theres know stoping will always have violence,but thats fine with me.some poeple will try to stop the bad music but it will not stop.but some kids do listen to violent music but it doesnt have any effect on them.some kids will go with the music and start violence and some won't you'll never know.


Posted on 01/25/06 at 12:52:38 pm by Chantel

I think that hip-hop is way different from rap. Hip-hop has more rythem. Rap has the same rythem but no beat. I like to listen to mostly hip-hop. I listen to Pretty Ricky, Slim Thug,and for rap I like to listen to spanish rap like Lil Rob, and S.P.M.


Posted on 01/22/06 at 08:29:59 pm by manderson

Hi 4th Hour,

For your third assignment, please write at least 5 sentences in response to the following definition and questions.

What is "hip-hop"?: Hip-hop is a culture. The term is loosely used when referring to commercialized rap music, however hip-hop is more than just music. It is the heartbeat of American ghetto youth who claimed their own self-expression and used it to rise above their physical circumstances. Hip-hop culture has its roots in pride, truth, courage and self-determination. As a result it has grown to influence almost every segment of the planet.

Do you agree with this definition? How would you define "hip-hop"? Who are your favorite hip-hop performers and why?

Extra Credit: Hip-hop lyrics and videos often glorify violence. Do you think this violence influences people your age? Why do you think hip-hop artists embrace violence? Answer in at least 5 sentences.

- Mrs. Anderson


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