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Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:09:13 am by Karla

racism is not good. Because people judge other people by there color. but not what is in side.Because you never know how fun they are. Not unless you gaves it a try.

spring break

Posted on 03/17/06 at 10:57:01 am by Luis

On spring break you can go any where you want
Like you can go to any place you want.


Posted on 03/14/06 at 05:21:37 pm by Tyffany

racism is a big problem in the united state's .I think that's messed up when people make fun people becuse of there color.we are sometimes the same because we do have fun and have friend's .I dont think there is anyone in the school who is racist because if they where then they would probably be some where else but not at hermosa because there is allot of half navajo,mexican,or black in the school.


Posted on 02/24/06 at 11:06:52 am by Kendra

Racism is a big problem, because some people haven't change their heart. Its not right for whites hating blacks.
We should all been equal. There nothing right with our color. We all are the same people, but different color.


Posted on 02/24/06 at 11:06:19 am by Venia

racism is mostly about people hating other people 4 what color they R.


Posted on 02/24/06 at 10:57:09 am by Enrique

Racism is a big part of the world. It is sad when theres racist people. People are racist just to act cool them people are dumb.


Posted on 02/15/06 at 11:23:30 am by Xavier

I do think it is right for people to be racess.We all are the same there is no differnice between us.It is not to make fun of of other people because of there color,size,or shape.I think that someone shoud do something about people that are racess. I don't like those kind of people at all because, they can really hurt someone.


Posted on 01/25/06 at 12:05:04 pm by Ryan

Racism is a big problem because people make people sad. they talk about color and size, and face people really get mad about that and they started to beat you up so don't make fun about people like that. or your life is all gone. if you see a person sad make them feel happy and walcome to the world and tell them you can make friends in the world.


Posted on 01/25/06 at 12:01:03 pm by Derrick

Racism is a big problem in the world.Yeah we have me and some friends at the Boys and Girls Club.We we're all mad!No I never put someone down.I wouldn't know how they would feel cause I never discriminated someone.


Posted on 01/22/06 at 05:56:43 pm by manderson

Hi 3rd Hour,

For your fourth assignment, please write at least 5 sentences in response to the following questions.

Racism is a big problem in the world today. Have you ever been discriminated against? How did it make you feel? Have you ever discriminated against someone else? How do you think it makes them feel?

- Mrs. Anderson


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