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2 Dollar $

Posted on 02/24/06 at 10:31:58 am by Rylie

People can't live with 2 dollar. and would be poor . They can't by anying.

Assignment 2

Posted on 02/24/06 at 10:30:16 am by Sam

I would not live on 2$ a day because every day I have to spend money on lunch money.
If I was rich I would share my money with other people and to help others.


Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:28:21 am by sdelgado

people can't live with only $2 because it needs much of water and we can't buy water with only $2.the body needs water to be alive so we the people buy water with more then $2


Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:24:01 am by Daniel

If I was one of the richest peopl in the wrld. I would help the porr people.Because it is mest up to see porr people. Wen I see porr people or homles people .I wish I could help them but I dont got money so I cant help them.


Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:21:35 am by Kimberly

no i could not servive with $2.00 a day.It will be to hard for me ,
because won't have enough money for a day to go to places . I
can't just stay home it will be borning there.I have to be somewhere
with my friends . I think at least $30.00 would work.

rich and poor

Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:21:04 am by Nolan

I can't live on two dollar because most of thing you buy or eat cost more than two dollar. And if I was rich I would give half to ever who ever need it then I would spend it on what ever I want.

2 bucks

Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:20:26 am by Steph

yes, I will survive cause I am brave, I believe in myself!!!LOLHa ha..


Posted on 02/10/06 at 11:20:13 am by Natisha

I think i could live off of 2$ becouse i dont really eat that much

What I would do if I was rich

Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:20:46 am by Natisha

what I would do if I was rich I would help all my family that need money then the other peaple who need money and get them a home to live in and food to eat.


Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:12:54 am by Jessica

I don't think that I would probley live on$2.00 because it will be 2 complicated.I wouldn't know what to do.

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