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United States Of America

Posted on 04/21/06 at 10:33:29 am by Nolan

I it is so fun to be in America because you can do any thing like what you can't do.The one thing I don't like is poeple that come in with no premission thats not an American. Because you don't understand what there saying about you.and I an't telling you who I am.I'll just say were I live is cool.

8th Grade

Posted on 02/24/06 at 10:29:05 am by Karla

what do you like about 8 grade
are you looking forward to 9 grade? why?
i like the 8 grade because is fun and the teacher help me in my english and my work.
i like my friends that i make at 8 grade like my friend alejandra, silvia, estefania and same others
friends. i look forward to 9 grade because the school is fun and i want go to college and finish my goals

Men and Women are equal

Posted on 02/24/06 at 10:17:10 am by Rylie

men and women are created equal. because they go to work together.some kids preants are duvor and die that women and men are not equal.

Men and Woman

Posted on 02/15/06 at 10:27:45 am by Kimberly

The woman i admire is my mom, because she is what I want to be
like her when I grow up.


Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:28:39 am by Sam

The women I admire is my mom.
I admire my mom because she was always there for me.
She is also more than a mom shes like a best friend.
And shes caring. And shes funny.


Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:18:16 am by sdelgado

my favorite animal is dolphin and the birds.


Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:07:47 am by Karla

My favorite animal is the mouse like my friend silvia

my favorite novela is REBELDE

Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:06:39 am by Alejandra

my favorite novela is REBELDE becouse I like.

my favorite music

Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:05:37 am by Karla



Posted on 02/03/06 at 11:03:43 am by Ruiz

akwid is beter than daddy yankee

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