About Me

Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:25:37 pm by Gio

Hi my name is GIO. I have lived here in America all my life.I like it here because all my friends are here.Iam a Mexican.My mom takes care of me.My hobbies are playing basketball or playing with my nephew out side. Another hobbie of mine is to breakdance with my friends.I would like to visit Japan and Chaina,Africa,.The things that are different in America are the food. In the place I was born at Mexico the food is different by the tast the coke is also different here.


Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:25:03 pm by Eduardo

Me right here we do some cultures of many places like Mexico, Canada and United States
we seledrete like "5 DE MAYO" because Mexico won a War.
I came to United States From Mexico City


Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:25:03 pm by Patricia

I am a native american we have to do a lot of stuff like cook for your self and the native americans live in a place somthing like the dessert.The native americans do a lot of ceremonies.Ceremonies are like things that are very inportant to your family like a birthday and a lot of aother stuff.So my religion is that we do a lot of many inportant things an do not sit around and one more thing is you can't sleep dirring the day.


Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:24:56 pm by Stevonna

Hi, my name is stevonna. My friends called me Nickey. I live in Farmingfon,new Mexico

Native Pride

Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:23:30 pm by Shadana

Wass up I'm Shadana.I'm Navajo.I live n du reservation aka rez.In du reservation there is nutin just bushes everywhere there may not hav' n e water there.We hav' 2 hall water.But I don't really live there I just know how it looks.We can't really do n e thing or else something mite happend 2 me or us dats only if they do wat there not supose 2 do

about Me

Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:23:28 pm by Davina

my name is Davina and my culture is Navajo. and i've never been out of Amarica i've only be to one states let me name them off for you there is Arizona. that is where i was born. on the reservation aka rez. our celebrations are pow wow. our foods are navajo tacos, roast mutten, fried bread, andi think that is about it. I go to school at Hermosa Middle School. We have seven classes to go to i will tell you what classes I go to first is


Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:22:56 pm by Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth.I am a mexican and an american.I am also a chathlic I go to St.Mary's chathlic church.I was born in Farmington,New Mexico.My favorite food is tamales.I would like to live in Mexico because all my family lives in Mexico.living in America is fun because there is a mall.

My race

Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:16:34 pm by Alfonso

My name is alfonso I am a mexican.Iam proud to be a mexican because its good to be able to speak two different languages.Another good thing race is the food.

September 11

Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:39:16 am by Davina

On September 11 I felt sad becuase my uncle was over there. He was right under there. he said he was mad becuase the people were mad at us he said i don't know why they were mad at us.


Posted on 03/16/06 at 11:38:58 am by Stevonna

Saddam Hussein is the general of Iraq. He got carried away when he was kind of like a pesident of Iraq. He killed a lot of his own peopleand killed our people in New York City. Saddam killed people in the Twin Towers. He was jelous that we had freedom in United States and he had barly any freedom where he was, so we went to war with the Iraqi people. I had feelings for the people in Iraq and in the Twin Towers. I was mad that Saddam Husein killed our people in New York. THANKS ALOT SADDAM HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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