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War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:01:53 pm by Patricia

I think America went to war with Iraq because the iraq people were doing bad things to other people,like they are killing each other.What I think about war is that the people that go are very very brave for what they are doing.An they may get heart but they may learn about how much it takes to what the people think and fell about them.If a family member went to war I would be very very scared for that person an I would wach T.V every day to make sure they are ok an that very thing is ok.So it is scary to go to war.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:51:04 pm by Shadana

I think america went 2 fight 4 our lives and freedom.When I think bout war I think bout people when there family had 2 go and mybe or mybe not came back 2 c there family.If 1 of my family members went I would miss them til they came back.And if they didn't came back I would feel very sad.Yup.


Posted on 01/02/06 at 09:05:08 pm by manderson

Hi 7th Hour,

The war in Iraq began almost 3 years ago. At the end of February 2,297 American soldiers had died in Iraq and the war had killed an estimated 30,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. A lot of people have lost their lives.

Why do you think America went to war with Iraq? What do you think about the Iraq war? When will America win this war?

What do you think about war in general? How would you feel if a family member had to go to war?

- Mrs. Anderson

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