Crossing Borders.

Posted on 04/28/06 at 02:30:33 pm by Luis

I think that illegal immigration is a big problem right now in the United States because there are lots of immigrants in the United Sates .

My Culture

Posted on 04/21/06 at 02:30:03 pm by Luis

My culture , I am Mexican , and in Mexico , the cultures are really fun , there are really fun celebrations

Borned poor.

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:22:58 pm by Luis

I think that being born poor isn't something bad or something to be ashamed of , but staying poor is not very good , because if you don't want to stay poor you don't have to , because you can go to school and have a good education , that can help you get a good job and get out of poor.

War in Iraq

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:29:29 pm by Luis

I think that America went to war because in Iraq there's alot of oil , and Iraq doesn't want to share the oil with us.

September 11

Posted on 02/24/06 at 02:31:32 pm by Luis

In Septemer 11 , I was coming with my brothers from school , me and my brothers came into the house , and our parents told us to go to our rooms because they didn't want us to see when the plains crash into The Twin Towers . I wish I knew why terrorists did that why did they crash the airplanes into The Twin Towers . I think that terrorists wouldn't attack Farmington , because Farmington doesn't have anything important .

My favorite sports

Posted on 02/10/06 at 02:31:50 pm by Luis

I like almost all of the sports , I like soccer , baseball , basketball , and dodgeball, there are alot of sports that I dont know how to play , but I like them , Im not realy good at any sport , but I will try to be better at sports . I like baseball , because I like to run to first base , and then second base , and then third base , and thea home run . I

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