Posted on 04/21/06 at 03:22:56 pm by Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth.I am a mexican and an american.I am also a chathlic I go to St.Mary's chathlic church.I was born in Farmington,New Mexico.My favorite food is tamales.I would like to live in Mexico because all my family lives in in America is fun because there is a mall.


Posted on 03/03/06 at 03:07:39 pm by Elizabeth

I think it is sad that the people in Iraq died.If someone from my family went to war in Iraq I will start to cry because when he gets over there they could kill him.I think that the people that are in the war went to Iraq for they could get it over with it.


Posted on 02/24/06 at 03:08:49 pm by Elizabeth

When I grow up I want to be a doctor.To me I think getting my college degree and my high school diploma is very important because I will earn alot of money.Also if you don't get your college degree you will earn more money than what people without it.It is also important because to me when I earn money I give my mom some money.To me I will try my best to get my diploma and my college degree.I will try really hard to make my mom and dad happy.The college I will go to is yhe university college.My family will be so happy because maybe I will be the first onr to finish high school and college.I will try my best.

A big problem in the world

Posted on 02/15/06 at 03:04:16 pm by Elizabeth

I have never been discriminated in my whole entier life. I have never discriminated other people and there races.Have you ever been discriminated in your life?From who have you been discriminated from?Why?


Posted on 02/10/06 at 03:04:21 pm by Elizabeth

on September11th i was at school. When i got home i heard that the twin towers calapsed. I was scared that my uncle was one of them. Where you scared when you heard of it. do you have family mates that live over there.

what i would change about school

Posted on 02/03/06 at 03:39:38 pm by Elizabeth

The one thing I woould change about school is have less time in school.Also I would make us not have homework.The one thing I would really change is have to get in at school at 10 o'clock and it ends at 1o'clock.What is one thing you would change about scool.Why?

football teams

Posted on 01/25/06 at 04:04:02 pm by Elizabeth

my favorite football team is the raiders.I like the raiders because they are a good team.What is your favorite football team.Why do you like them.

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