Immigrants in the USA

Posted on 04/28/06 at 02:17:56 pm by Chelsea

I don't think that the immigrants can live in our state, because you don't know if they are a criminal or not. They even might be killers or mudderors! If I was the person that owned the state I will say, "There will be no immigants in my country, if you are coming from another country than you have to give us some resuilts." I think they will be an immigrant problem if they should go bake to where thay came from. I think why immigrants want to come to america is to take place as another person or to see sights at places. These kind of people shoud be kicked out of the state. Those people should be deported! Should these people be eligble for amnesty and eventule US citicenship? Nnnnoooooooo!!!!!

Me and America

Posted on 04/21/06 at 02:20:16 pm by Chelsea

Hello people my name is Chelsea. I live in North America in the United States in Farmington ,New Mexico. I am a native. My clan has 4 and I have to say it in navajo! And I am in the Maii clan meaning coyoty. And where do you come from?

Being Poor

Posted on 03/17/06 at 02:07:53 pm by Chelsea

I disagree because it would damage your life and your house. If you stay poor then you will have no wife/husband or childen, food, house, money, or a job. If you don't go to school then more you stay out of school then you won't get money. When you are trying to get spare change then all your ganna get is 1 cent. To get rich then you have tto go to school.

War in Iraq!

Posted on 03/03/06 at 02:01:33 pm by Chelsea

I think why we went to war with Iraq is oil. Iraq had a lot of oil, but they don't want to share the oil. Even they don't have that much cars. What I feel about the war is terrible because it has to do with killing a alot of people that are trying to kill you. My uncle went to war it sad for him to leave all the way into Iraq. I hope that he is ok.
2,297-Soliders that Iraq killed our men.
30,000- Iraqs men died.Even CHILDREN!!!

Setember 11th

Posted on 02/24/06 at 01:59:06 pm by Chelsea

On setember 11 I was out side on a warm sunny day, at somewhere around 4:00p.m. Suddenly my mom called me out, "Chelsea! Chelsea!", "Come in side hurry!" I ran in side the house, when I got inside I saw a white plain crash on the 2 towers I saw many people got swished. It was a sad day for New York. Many people died. I bet somebody hated the owner of the two.

7th Grade

Posted on 02/15/06 at 02:08:54 pm by Chelsea

I'm looking 4th 7th grade becase I have good grades in school. Even it is going to be hard but it's a challenge for me. When ever I learn something then I learn new things that I would know in 7th grade. Even I would probly make new friends in 7th grade.Even I;m looking forward to impres my mom with my grades.


Posted on 02/10/06 at 02:19:42 pm by Chelsea

My favorite sport is basketball because it fun to shoot hoops. I do not have a favorite athlead some of them don't shoot good. They always aim then it hits the backboard, they always think their goin to make it but they miss!The reson why I like basketball becase I want to be a perfeshenal basketball player. Some say they want to be a basketball player to I think there going to make it. If they say I'm not going to make it then i'm going to prove it to them. I think I am going to be a good basketball player because I pratice with my aunt Auntie Gayle and my uncle Brian.Thats why I like to be play basketball.

My Favorite Moive is Hoodwinked

Posted on 01/25/06 at 03:14:05 pm by Chelsea

My favorite movie is Hoodwinked, because it is a funny movie. The most that I admire is Red. Why do do you like Red? I like Red because she could fight the wolf, and she is smarter than the wolf too.Do you have a second most caritor? Yes I do, And it is the sqrell, becase he is funny and he talks very fast. Even when you give him coffe then you would be in trouble, he would get very hipper. What do you like on Hoodwinked?

Yes, I do think violence in movies are bad for people, because it makes little kids doing violence like that.

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