Posted on 04/28/06 at 11:20:02 am by Kendra

It not my problem I'm not a immigrants. I was born in the U.S., my whole family was born in the U.S.. Sometimes the need a better life for their kid and them. The reason they come because they think the United States is a cool county, but the people who live here think its not a county(for those who don't like U.S.). Yeah it may be illegal but they want a better life.Its the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

About Me

Posted on 04/21/06 at 11:25:20 am by Kendra

Shi Kendra. I live in New Mexico. I go to one of the School. I'm a Native American, I belong to the Navajo Nation. My favorite food is Navajo Taco, Mutton Stew,


Posted on 03/17/06 at 11:09:25 am by Kendra

The war in Iraq, is terrible. Bush is sending more troops over there for nothing. He is making us pay more money. He making up lies. That why my parents don't true him.


Posted on 02/24/06 at 11:16:42 am by Kendra

The value the number is at least 172,457. Education is important because if you don't go to college, you don't have enough choose to work where you want to. Yes I do want to go to college. The reason I want to go to college because I can choose the work I want. My future is having a job and having to work. So that why education


Posted on 02/24/06 at 11:06:52 am by Kendra

Racism is a big problem, because some people haven't change their heart. Its not right for whites hating blacks.
We should all been equal. There nothing right with our color. We all are the same people, but different color.

What I would change about school

Posted on 02/15/06 at 11:10:52 am by Kendra

If I change one thing about school is that we not have homework and we choose the class we want. Make the classes short like 15 minutes. Make lunch 1 hour and 30 minutes. The reason why because school is boring!!!! we cant have fun, it always work, work, and work!!!!! But we still can be teach, but in a fun away.we can get out of school at 2:00 'clock. so that want I would change in school.

sep 11

Posted on 02/10/06 at 12:20:54 pm by Kendra

September 11,2001. yes i remember that day. it was my brother b-day too. it sad a lot of people died. they won't attack farmington because it is small. so we are safe.

Normal Life

Posted on 02/10/06 at 12:14:42 pm by Kendra

To go to school and get education.go to college and get money and a house and work. you can be what ever you want to be.(ex. dr. teacher and other stuff)i know school can get boring. but it okay.


Posted on 02/10/06 at 12:07:32 pm by Kendra

Basketball is so popular because it is fun.My favorite team is Lakers.Sometimes I watch it with my dad and brother get mean, because the team he vote for is losing. Dad and me vote on the same team and they sometime win.

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