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Elementary/Middle School Teacher - Specializing in English as a Second Language

I am a dedicated educator with extensive professional experience serving the needs of those from
diverse cultural, racial and social-economic backgrounds. I have specialized in English as a Second
Language (ESL) and elementary education. I am also an experienced leader that has served as the Bilingual Department Chair, established ESL curriculum for the state of New Mexico and served on many important school committees – Animas Valley’s Student Accountability Committee, District 9-R’s Internal Communication Committee and Farmington Municipal Schools Parent Advisory Council. Additionally, I serve as Animas Valley’s site coordinator for the Big Brother/Big Sister Study Connection program and I am an Animas Valley afterschool math interventionist.

My strengths include:

Individualized student instruction. One of my most important goals as a teacher is to make sure that
each child is challenged and instructed such that they can achieve their greatest individual potential. For
example, I have implemented balanced reading and writing programs that are individualized to each student based upon my assessments and their progress throughout the course of the year. These reading and writing programs leverage literature circles, Lucy Calkins’ workshop strategies and Harcourt School Publishers materials. The end result is that each child learns at a pace conducive to their aptitude and is not restricted by others above and below them.

Creative classroom instruction. A great example of creativity in the classroom is my Helping Hands Cookbook lesson. Each of my first grade students gathered family recipes from home. The class then typed and edited the recipes using Microsoft Word. Once printed, students illustrated each page and bound their collection of recipes into the Helping Hands Cookbook. Due to parent and community demand, our Helping Hands Cookbook was sold in local bookstores with all proceeds donated to the children’s choice of charities, the Main Avenue Fire Relief Fund. In all, the Helping Hands Cookbook raised over $500 and my students and I were featured in the Durango Herald newspaper.

Use of state of the art 21st century technology. I am a strong advocate of using the latest and best
available technologies to enhance the learning experience. For instance, I have used interactive video
conferencing to bring the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia into my classroom 1,600 miles away.
I have also used open source blogging software to build a blog and provide a medium for my ESL students to communicate their ideas to the world. Our ESL student blog was one of the first student authored blogs in America and was recognized and featured in the Farmington Daily Times newspaper.

Parent Involvement. I am a great advocate of and actively encourage parent participation in my classroom. I like creating a family environment for students in the classroom and all students benefit from the additional assistance. An average week in my classroom at Animas Valley includes 5 parent volunteers assisting our class. Furthermore, I keep all parents engaged in their child’s learning by providing weekly newsletters and making myself available outside of the classroom setting.


Animas Valley Elementary, Durango School District 9-R, Durango CO
3rd Grade Teacher, Aug 2008 - Present
1st Grade Teacher, Aug 2007 - Aug 2008
  • Currently teaching 20 students all core subject areas using differentiated learning strategies based upon individualized student data.
  • Serving on Animas Valley’s Student Accountability Committee, site coordinator for the Big Brother/Big Sister Study Connection program at Animas Valley and I am also an afterschool math interventionist.
  • Served as Animas Valley’s teacher representative on 9-R’s Internal Communication Committee, Animas Valley’s Assembly Committee and Habitat for Humanity’s Recycling Committee.

Hermosa Middle School, Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington NM
6th, 7th and 8th Grade English as a Second Language Teacher
Bilingual Department Chair, Aug 2005 - June 2007
  • Taught approx. 75 linguistically different students - 70% Navajo and Native American, 30% Hispanic.
  • Helped establish the ESL curriculum for New Mexico by developing standards, vocabulary and teaching strategies for ESL students.
  • Lead Bilingual Department functions including the assessment, monitoring, entrance and exiting of all bilingual students.

Southern Ute Tribe Early Head Start Program, Ignacio CO
Early Head Start Teacher, Summer Semester 2004
  • Taught eight Southern Ute Head Start students.
  • Tracked student success under the program, made home visits on the reservation and communicated with students' families.


Masters of Education, December 2007
Literacy, Language and Culture
Endorsement in Linguistically Diverse Education
Adams State College, Alamosa CO
GPA: 3.12

Colorado Teacher License
Endorsements in Elementary Education and
Linguistically Diverse Education.
Expires January 9, 2013
License: 0397412
Bachelor of Art, April 2005
Interdisciplinary Studies
Endorsement in English as a Second Language
Fort Lewis College, Durango CO
Major GPA: 3.23

New Mexico Teacher License
Endorsements in K-8 Elementary Education and TESOL
Expires June 30, 2010
Licensure Number: 314463



  • Travel - I have visited approximately 20 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
  • I also enjoy horseback riding, hiking and snowboarding.


Lisa Schuba (Principal – Animas Valley Elementary)
373 Hermosa Meadows Road, Durango, CO 81301
Phone: (970) 247-0124 Mobile: (970) 759-5299

Curtis Johnson (Former Principal – Animas Valley Elementary)
105 Eastview Drive, Durango, CO 81303
Phone: (970) 375-1102

Bob Rank (Principal – Hermosa Middle School)
1500 E. 25th Street, Farmington, NM 87401
Phone: (505) 599-8612 Mobile: (505) 327-7157

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